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Damavand peak tour

It is safe to say that there is no symbol in Iran more beautiful than Damavand Peak. Damavand is the highest mountain in our country with a height of 5609 meters. High altitude, always frozen peak and other challenges on the way to climb this mountain have always been attractive. Muj Kouh is proud to be with you on Damavand peak tour.

Climbing routes to Damavand

Damavand peak, including its ridges and glaciers, has 20 routes. The easiest of these routes is the southern one, and the hardest route is climbing through the Yechar Glacier. The four routes of Damavand peak have refuges and shelters:


Damavand peak tour

Damavand peak tour includes an aerial program that will be done before the main program. The ascent route from the south side is considered to be the easiest route. You will be accompanied by a professional mountain guide. This program will provide you with a great experience and reach the roof of Iran.

Daily travel schedule

Day 1 – move to Pleur and transfer to the sheepfold

The starting point is from Tehran. Then you will go to Pleur. Then move to the sheepfold or the second court. At the place of the sheepfold, an hour’s walk is planned for better ventilation. After the walk, dinner is served. The place of night rest is the tent or the rooms of the sheepfold.

Overnight facilities: tent or room.

Tour meal: Dinner

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The second day - navigation to the third court

On the second day, the team starts moving to the third court at 4200 meters at 8 am. This route will increase by walking through Pakub. After reaching the place of the third court, feeding and lunch are ahead. After lunch, we will move to the height of 4500 meters in order to improve air conditioning.

The travel time between the sheepfold and the third court is between 3 and 5 hours, depending on the physical fitness of the team. Then there will be an hour of climbing for the same air.

After the conditioning process, dinner is planned to be served at 7 pm. Bed time is 9 pm.

Overnight facilities: tent or room

Damavand peak tour meals on the second day: breakfast, lunch, dinner
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The third day - climb to Damavand peak and return

Climbing Damavand peak will be done on the third day of the program. Here you will be only a few hours away from the summit. The departure from the camp is at 5 am. The beginning of the path starts above the shelter and then turns to the right. After that, you will climb up to a height of 5000 meters on a ridge. Here there is a traverse to the left and then it continues to the summit.

After reaching the peak and taking pictures, you will take the way back. Having lunch at the third court and after resting, the movement continues to the sheepfold. After the end of this day, the program will end with the transfer of the team to Tehran.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner

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Explanations about Damavand peak tour

necessary equipment

The following items are necessary to climb Damavand in summer. This list is based on a standard two-day climb:

Light or three-season hiking shoes
Climbing jacket
Polar jacket
Basic clothes: blouse and pants
Glove and glove cover or Goretex five finger gloves
warm hat
Mountaineering glasses
Sunscreen cream
Climbing socks
First aid kit
Navigation tools such as GPS watches
Suitable backpack for a two-day program: between 40 and 50 liters - small mountaineering backpack as an attack pack
Shabmani equipment: sleeping bag, mattress, tent, torch, cooking utensils
Climbing knife and spoon
Water bag (camelback) or 1.5 liter water bottle
Enough food and snacks for two days
Headlamp with extra battery

The number of team members

The number of people in a team is considered to be 5 to 10 people.

difficulty of climbing

The main challenge of climbing to Damavand is its high altitude. It is recommended that those interested in participating in this program consider training for better climbing a few months in advance. These exercises can be mountain climbing below 3000-4000 meters, running, cycling and other aerobic sports.

The duration of Damavand peak tour program is two and a half days to four days. If there is a need for a team flight, another day will be considered one to two weeks before the main schedule.


The tour of Damavand will be held under the supervision and supervision of Mehdi Jabarian:

24 years of climbing experience
Damavand climb 109 times
4 fronts of Damavand in 25 hours and 30 minutes
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